Columbia and Portfolio Management Institute: Executive Education

The Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Department at Columbia University is pleased to host the Portfolio Management Institute (PMI) from June 8 to June 12, 2009. The IEOR Department has collaborated with PMI to design and develop the curriculum of the CERTIFIED PORTFOLIO MANAGER™ (CPM®) certification. 

To attain the CPM® certification, PMI members are required to complete two components of the CPM® program.  First, they complete 195 hours of independent study. They then attend a week-long residential program hosted by the IEOR Department at Columbia University. The coursework includes the study of the theory and practice of asset pricing, asset management, risk management, hedge fund management, corporate finance, fixed income analysis and foreign exchange. While it is a new designation, PMI expects the CPM® designation to become recognized industry-wide. PMI, in conjunction with Columbia University, is accepting applications for the second class of graduates. Graduation will be in early 2010.

"Our goal with this designation is two-fold," said Michael Ross, past president of PMI and one of the individuals instrumental in developing this program. "First, we desired to have a professional designation that institutional and public investors could recognize as a commitment to the disciplines needed to successfully manage money. Second, we wanted to create a program that could help successfully train the next generation of portfolio managers." Current PMI President Jerrold Tepper, adds, "After several years of discussions about this new designation, we at PMI are especially proud of bringing this concept to fruition." Both Tepper and Ross participated and graduated with the first class of CPM®'s. "I am enjoying this process immensely," said Jerrold Tepper, who is also a graduate of Rutgers University and who holds a Masters Degree from City University of New York. "It is a great privilege to participate and help pioneer the process of establishing these credentials industry-wide."

The IEOR Department is also very pleased to be participating in this new program. "At Columbia, we have a deep expertise in quantitative securities analysis and portfolio management, and we are delighted to incorporate this knowledge into a curriculum for professionals who are currently practicing portfolio management," said Professor Soulaymane Kachani, Director of Executive Education at the IEOR Department.

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