Professor Derman was on Startup Geometry Podcast discussing finance and the IEOR Departmental programs on January 11, 2016. His podcast is also on iTunes. 

In an ongoing study, Elmachtoub and his colleague show that reducing inventory with opaque products produces meaningful savings.

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Dr. Emanuel Derman was featured in the Guardian on June 29, 2014 about "why financial heists are getting bigger and we put less value on money".

Emanuel Derman writes a biweekly column titled 'Models Behaving Badly' (Modelle, die sich schlecht benehmen) for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany in which he tries to focus on the way in which people use and misuse models in science, finance and, not least importantly, personal life. He writes it in English; they translate it into German.

Dr. Emanuel Derman's newest book, "Models. Behaving. Badly." is out now (Free Press, 10/2011) and the reviews has been coming in!

An online article on the website Edge, "Breaking the Cycle", has an interview featuring Dr. Emanuel Derman. For more details, please see the Edge online article.

An article on the New York Times, "Quants", in the On Language column, features Dr. Emanuel Derman. It will be on print for its May 16th, 2010 edition.

Dr. Rama Cont's article on "Wild Randomness" is featured on Forbes and City Journal.

Dr. Emanuel Derman is featured on the New York Times article: "They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street", in the Science Section. It will be on print for its March 10th, 2009 edition.

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